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Information Technologies

Virtual Service Call
A new, "state of the art" service is now being offerd by Information Technologies, the Virtual Service Call (VSC). With the current cost of gas, road congestion, and the need for prompt service, the Virtual Service offers almost immediate service.
What is a Virtual Service Call? A VSC allows Information Technologies to take remote control of your Windows Computer, Workstation, or Server, and perform the same work as if we were sitting in front of the remote computer.
How does it work? VSC utilizes remote control technology. From your computer, you download a single file and initiate the VSC. Information Technologies is notified of your VSC request, and the VSC then starts. We are then able to work on your computer just as if we were in front of your computer. We see your screen, move the mouse, and type. The VSC session can be terminated at any time by you or us. Once the VSC is terminated, no further remote access is available.
How do you get a VSC? Intiating a VSC is a two step process:
  1. Download the vsc.exe file. We suggest downloading it to your desktop for easy access.
  2. To start the VSC, simply double click the vsc.exe file.
Please note: It is best to contact us before initiating a VSC, as we need to be available to respond to your VSC.
What does it cost? The VSC rate is $65/hr. with a one hour minimum. We can accept PayPal, Credit cards, or checks. Please contact us about setting up a time for your VSC and payment method.

On Site Services:
Information Technologies specializes in prompt, professional, courteous, and punctual on-site service. Our expert On Site Services include:
"911" Emergency Service Calls - Contact us immediately! We'll be there ASAP!
Standard Service Calls - Call for an appointment. After hours service available.
Network Server or Workstation Maintance - A full line of network services.
PC Maintance - Installing new programs, troubleshooting, and maintance.
Virus Eradication & Prevention - Practice safe computing.
Troubleshooting and Diagnostics - Hardware, software, and more.
Service Contracts - Preventive maintenance for all your computing needs.
Hardware Upgrades - We upgrade your computers on the spot.
Training - From one-on-one to corporate level, we can train your personnel.
Education - Knowledge is power and we want to empower you.
System Evaluation - Don't know what you have? We can tell you.
LAN/WAN Connectivity - From Local Area Networks to Wide Area Networks.
To find out more or speak with an Information Technologies representative, please visit the Company page for more info. We look forward to meeting all your service requirements.

In House Service:
For those jobs that are better handled at out facility, we offer In-House Service. Carry in your equipment or Contact us to make an appointment, and we will pick up and deliver to your site. Our Professional In-House Service includes:
Data Recovery - We perform data recovery from crashed hard disks.
System Fabrication and Construction - We build all our computers in-house!
Custom Programs - We write code to create the programs you need.

Tech Support:
We offer a full line of technical support. Please visit the Tech Support Page to find out more.

Equipment Service & Repair:
We offer Service and Repair for a large variety of Hardware including:
Monitor Repair: If your monitor has broken down we often times can repair it at a fraction the cost of repalcment. We will give you an Estimate before work begins.
Professional Audio/Video Equipment - We have a lot of experience.
Consumer Electronics - Repair of home and car electronics. Sorry, no TV's.

Web Services:
Having a presence on the World Wide Web (WWW) is no longer an option for most businesses. Information Technologies has helped many establish and maintain professional, creative, functional, and lucrative web sites. Our Internet Web Services include:
Web Site Design - We work with our customers to meet their design criteria, resulting in creative, functional Web Sites that not only meet the individual customers requirments but exceed them. Business Advertisement, E-Commerce, Information Desimenation, and Program Distribution are just a few of the types of sites we have had the pleasure of creating. Want more info? Please go to the Company page.
Web Site Maintenance - Once you have your web site up, there are maintance issues that need to be addressed. These include re-registering your site with the search engines (ie Yahoo, Lycos, GoTo, etc) to help keep your site high on the search engine's list. Updates such as newsletters or other timely information often times needs to be maintained in order to keep your site current.
Web Site Modifications - Whether we designed your site or someone else did, often times a web site goes through evolutionary growth. This makes a web site more functional, accessible, and zero's in on fulfilling you and your customers requirments, wants, needs, and desires of the site. To this end your web site's may need periodic changes to it's form or function. We take pride in our work. We hope showcases some of our talents and creativity in this area.

Telecommunications Support:
For over 10 years Information Technologies had been meeting the telecommunication needs of individuals and businesses. From single line phones to to entire business phone systems, we have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. Some of the Telecommunications Services we offer are:
"911" Emergency Service Calls - Need help NOW? Please contact us!
Standard Service Calls - Please make an appointment.
To Report Problems: If you are experiencing problems with the Mailing List please Email us with your name and as detailed as possible description of the problem.

Cabling Services:
Information Technologies performs expert low voltage network and telecommunications wiring. We have over 12 years experience in low voltage wiring. We conform to all fire, electrical, and wiring code specifications. We can even pull permits when necessary. Our cable service includes:
Copper or Fiber Optic: We have the tools and experience to do the job right (the first time).
Cable Verification: We verify up to CAT 5 cabling as required (Fluke).
Network Cable: From small offices to multi-story buildings.
Telecommunications Cable: From adding a single outlet to an entire phone system.

Home or Stand Alone PC:
If you only a single PC or a SOHO (Small Office/Home Office), we still offer the same prompt, professional courteous, and punctual service:

Custom Fabrication:
Information Technologies has a large number or resources and a lot of experience in custom design and fabrication. We offer the following Services:

Consultation Services:
Information Technologies




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