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PERL Weather

PERL Weather Features:
1) Easily add a static or pop up weather to most web sites.
2) Downloads current weather conditions from the National Weather Service.
3) Weather available for over 3000 worldwide locations.
4) Displays a default location or accepts command line switches for other localations.
5) Uses a default display template or accepts command line swiches for alternate formats.
6) Simple to modified for custom weather reports makes for simple or complete weather.
7) Over 40 weather data variables available to choose from.
8) Explicit documentation makes it easy to install and configure, even for the newbie!
9) Written in PERL so it will run on most platforms including UNIX, LINUX, or NT.
10) Released as Freeware!

Software error:

(Can't fetch METAR file KBUR from FTP Server) at /home/infotech/sbotte/info-techs.com/cgi-bin/perlweather/perlweather.pl line 45.

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (scott@info-tech.com), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

Try the Pop-Up Weather Window!
Download latest version:

What's required? PERL Weather is written in PERL (Practical Export and Reporting Language), the defacto standard for the CGI interface. Although PERL Weather was developed on a LINUX box, it should work on an NT machine as well.
PERL Weather requirments:
1) CGI-BIN directory access - The script needs to be uplaoded to your server and run from your CGI-BIN directory
2) TELNET Access - To set permissions on the files and directories.
3) About a half hour to set up - that's it!

How complicated is PERL Weather to install? Every effort has been made to make the installation and configuration of this script as easy as possible. The installation instructions will walk even the greenest net nubie through the process. The script is heavily commented, and comes with detailed, step-by-step installation and configuration instructions. View the On-line Installation Instructions

What if I run into problems? Answers to most problems can found in the FAQ and Message Board areas.

What does PERL Weather cost? PERL Weathter is released as Freeware. This is the first "real" PERL program I've written. It's been a great learning experience. If you have any suggestions for improvments please let me know! Email Us
Page last modified on: Wednesday April 10, 2002 at 23:34