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Information Technologies
Version 1.1 of NTS - Novell TimeSync released. A complete rewrite makes it easier to configure, use and monitor. See Software Library for more information.

We have released the the first version of NTS - Novell Time Sync, a Freeware utility to synchronize the time on Novell Netware file servers to atomic clocks. Please visit the Shareware Library for more information.

The web server Information Technologies is housed on has received a healthy hardware and OS upgrade. We are fixing the little problems (Rights problems, missing modules, etc).

We have released version 2.1 of DATUP, the automatic virus definition file (DAT) update program.

We have released the first non beta release of SNAPBACK.ZIP, the freeware Windows based backup solution. For more information please visit the Software Library.

Information Technologies is proud to release their new PERL scripts. All are available as freeware from the download page, where they can be downloaded or their home page can be accessed.

We at Information Technologies are saddened and outraged by the tragic events of September 11. We're grateful to those who are contributing to the ongoing relief efforts. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims.

We set up a new PERL script for our Sitemap. Please click on the Site Map link in the navigation bar to check it out.

Information Technologies is relocating to our new, larger location in Tujunga.

We are proud to finally have a fully functional Search Engine and Statistics Page available for the Info-Techs.com web site! We are using the Freeware CGI scripts from Perlfect , who have generously made available their excellent programs under the GNU.

We have added a new feature to the Info-Techs web site: HumanClick! We consider this a state-of-the-art device to enhance customer service. HumanClick allows us to answer or initiate a chat session with you, the on-line surfer! It is a freeware program that requires no additional software or plug-ins. It is JAVA based, so any 4.x browser is ready. Please give it a try! Click on the HumanClick icon at the bottom of this page or visit the HumanClick web site for more information.

Well, here we are, the 21st Century! At present Y2K problems are few and non-critical, there was no run on the banks, the stock market is doing fine, and all seems well. So much for doom and gloom.

Merry Christmas!

The web site revamp is finally under way! Have a look around and please tell us what you think! Updates will continue to trickle in as we have time.

Page last modified on: Thursday February 3, 2005 at 23:40