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Information Technologies

Information Technologies has the following Positions available:
Field Technician:
  • POSITION: Part Time - <20 Hrs/Week
  • RATE: $8.25/Hr. (Starting)
  • Field Engineer:
  • POSITION: Part Time - <20 Hrs/Week
  • RATE: $14.50/Hr. (Starting)

  • If you are interested in a position please contact us via one of the following:
  • Complete the On-Line Job Application.
  • Send us an Email with your Résumé attached or the URL where it can be found.
  • Go to the Comapny Info page to FAX your Résumé or for more information.

  • Please note: We retain all Job Applications, Résumé, etc., for a period of one (1) year, after which you should re-apply for a position if it is still available. Thank you!

    Information Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer

    Page last modified on: Wednesday February 27, 2002 at 14:39